Busy, Busy!

Hello!  Hope you have all been enjoying your summer so far!  Sorry we haven’t been on here much.  We have been super busy!

Here is a quick update of some of the things that have been happening at Natural Heritage Farm:

In May, we got the pasture seeded to grass and got our garden boxes and potatoes planted.  Since then we have been busy weeding & watering the garden and Tyler has been working extra hard to try to take care of the weeds that have been growing in the field since we aren’t using any chemical pesticides.  It has been quite the challenge, with lots of hours spent in the tractor mowing down weeds.

We have added quite a few new critters to the farm in the last couple months.  A few years ago, when we were still living on the acreage, we purchased a great little mini donkey that we named Willow, at the Rare & Exotic sale.  She was a great addition to our acreage, and was also bred, which we were not told.  Unfortunately, we lost her and her baby to complications during the birth.  We knew that we would never be able to replace her, but since we loved her so much, I knew we would have to get another donkey one day.  I was so excited when we decided to buy the farm because we would finally have room for one!  As luck would have it, a guy Tyler worked with had two he had to sell because he was moving and couldn’t keep them.  He gave us a good deal, so they both came to live on our farm.  After much deliberation with the boys, we finally decided on names for them, and the winners were Norman and Lolli (as in lollipop).  They are both  halter broke and super friendly.  Norman was a bit nervous around the boys to begin with but even he isn’t bothered by them at all anymore.  

At the end of May, we got 10 Berkshire weaner pigs that we will be butchering in the fall.  We have them out on pasture, so they are helping us keep down some of the weeds and they are loving life.  Tyler and his dad spent a few days putting up a permanent perimeter fence for the them and we have been rotating them to fresh grass using electric wire.  


We have 3 new calves and are finally done calving for the year.  One lowline x mini Hereford and two more yak x calves. 

We also got two kittens last month.  A fuzzy little grey one named Princess (by Everett) and an orange, grey & white one named Tiger (by Wyatt).


Taking care of the farm and raising animals can be so unpredictable at time.  You may have one idea of how things should run, but they usually have another.   In the fall, we had purchased a bunch of free standing panels to make a pen for our yak bull as we weren’t sure that the regular small panels we had would keep him in.  The length of one side of his pen is a free standing windbreak.  A couple weeks ago, he decided to rip the boards off the windbreak and get out with the cows.  Thankfully Tyler & Everett were able to get him back in the corral behind the barn with the side by side (hopefully before he bred anything that we don’t want him to).  When I got home that evening, we moved a couple panels inside the windbreak so he wasn’t able to get out again.  This past weekend, with help from our parents, we brought all the cows in and separated them into pastures for breeding.  Some of the cows will be bred to the yak bull again and the other cows & heifers will be bred to a purebred lowline angus bull that we are hoping to pick up in the next few weeks.  Tyler & Wyatt ran hot wires along the fence lines where they bulls are being kept, so hopefully everything stays where it is supposed to.

We will try to post more often and keep you up to date with what we are up to.