Movin’ To The Country

We are Tyler & Cassandra Preston. We were married in 2010 and have two wonderful little boys, Wyatt & Everett.

After Wyatt was born in 2011, we decided that we didn’t want to raise him in the city. In 2013, we bought a 12.6 acre acreage about a half hour out of the city, so we could fulfill our dream of country living, but still continue to work at our current jobs. We had plans to get a couple horses and some other pets, but never even thought about raising our own food.

After purchasing a miniature horse and a miniature donkey, Tyler started to look into other little animals we could have on our acreage. He came across yaks and small breeds of cattle, which we had never heard of before. After looking into the benefits of them, it led us to research how the food we were eating is produced, and it was really quite alarming. We decided that since these small breed animals didn’t need a lot of land to live on, we could get a few to raise on our own property and feed our family. We found a yak breeder and purchased a weanling heifer and bull calf.


In the spring of 2014, we purchased our first few small breed heifers and a couple mixed breed weanling piglets. We also decided to try our luck at gardening and planted a rather large garden. Cassandra was pregnant with our second son, Everett, and the garden proved to be a lot more work than we had thought. We were able to harvest some vegetables, but overall it was a bit of a failure. Over the course of the spring and summer, Tyler watched You Tube videos and read books on how to butcher a pig, and on Christmas Eve he put the “skills” he learned to work.

In 2015, we bought a few ducks and chickens. We also bought a bred Nigerian dwarf goat as a pet for the boys. In April, she gave birth to 3 does, one of which was born blind and rejected by her. Cassandra searched the internet for information on taking care of a blind goat, without much luck. Being home on maternity leave at the time, she was able to bottle feed the baby multiple times a day, and keep a close eye on her. Sadly though, due to her health issues, Tinkerbell passed away after 7 months.

In his research, over the last few years, Tyler came across permaculture, which inspired him to want to build his own permaculture farm, where we could raise food for ourselves and others while helping the earth at the same time. We started looking for a bigger place where we could raise more animals, and turn his dreams into reality.

In the winter of 2016, we purchased an empty quarter section of land and that summer, we sold our acreage and moved there. That same summer, our yak bull had his first successful breeding year and we had our first yak x cow calf, a heifer.

Over the years, Cassandra has also been implementing various ways to reduce the amount of toxins in our lives, by creating and buying more natural products.

Our goal is to be able to share our journey, products and information with you!

-Cassandra & Tyler